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Take a Kenya safari experience to encounter the enormous big 5 game in East Africa with ease.

Nairobi is the bustling capital and the entryway to East Africa with many intriguing activities.

Kenya flaunts numerous world celebrated national parks, our tours will take you to the Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru national parks which are the most diverse and prominent tour hotspots in the country.

Here you will see a plenty of dazzling wild life very close which may include leopards, lions, zebra, buffalo, elephant and rhino; ensure your camera memory card is prepared to go!

Kenya is additionally the beginning stage of the incredible movement where huge crowds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelles  make their annual walk to find greener pastures.

Our Kenya adventure tours travel along the top of the Great Rift Valley where we can admire the spectacular views along the way before dropping down into the valley itself.

Lake Navaisha is an incredible place to see hippos or take a discretionary visit to Hells Gate National Park by bike.

Obviously no Kenya experience visit is finished without meeting the friendly local people and we get the chance to visit a Masai village to observe their traditional way of life.

Topography and climate

Kenya is similar in size to France, with the atmosphere fluctuating from tropical on the Indian Ocean Coast to bone-dry in the inside.

From the drift are low fields that ascent to the Central Highlands which thusly are cut up by the Great Rift Valley running from north to south of the nation.

Mount Kenya is found in the highlands and is the second highest point in Africa (5,199 meters) after Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (5,895 meters – Uhuru Peak on the Kibo summit).


As of now EU, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand natives all need a visa to enter Kenya. It is your own obligation to check all visa prerequisites before traveling and acquire them ahead of time as required.

For some, nationalities visas can be gotten on the outskirts anyway you should contact the government office for additional data.

Visa administrations like can be extremely useful.

Vital: pounds sterling are not acknowledged at fringe intersections so bring US dollars money for any visa costs at the outskirt.


Generally, wrongdoing is definitely not an issue in Kenya, but Nairobi does have a reputation for robberies.

This does not mean that you should be afraid to leave your hotel, but it does mean that in certain areas of the city you need to exercise caution or avoid them altogether and try to avoid travelling alone after dark.

Border Crossings

Into Kenya from Uganda: Malaba
From Kenya into Tanzania: Namanga