Tanzania Safari tours

A Tanzania Safari offers world-class natural life, lovely scenes and a portion of the landmass’ best safari lodges. Pasha Adventure Safaris can mastermind safaris to all the best stops in Tanzania; regardless of whether it be in rural, valid and enchanting risen camps or head-over-heels extravagance safari holds up in the wild.

We are infatuated with Tanzania as is everybody who visits; travelers are in a flash enthralled by its beguiling, amicable individuals, scenes of continuous excellence and obviously the mind blowing wild life which makes Tanzania a unique Safari destination.

The best time for a safari in Tanzania

Here, there is no straight forward answer…! You can go anytime in the year, however for each season there are sure advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

It is best to visit to us, and we can talk about your alternatives. April and May is when heavy rain hit East Africa (Tanzania) and a few camps close during this period.

The main dry season is from July to October and this is the most popular time to travel, but other times of year also have their individual benefits. Going in off-peak season can reduce the cost of your trip, avoid the crowds and this is what we most recommend.

Tanzania Safari cost

Tented, comfortable yet basic safari accommodation option prices start from around $450 per individual every night, and pure luxury alternatives start at $1,200 per individual every night.

So, generally safaris in Tanzania start from around $4,000 per individual including inside flights, however excluding international flights.

Time Difference

GMT/UTC +3. For other time differences please visit www.timeanddate.com


240 volts. Sockets are three-pin British style


Currently EU, US, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand citizens all need a visa to enter Tanzania. It is your own responsibility to check all visa requirements before travelling and obtain them in advance as required. For many nationalities visas can be obtained on the borders however you should contact the embassy for further information.

Important: pounds sterling are not accepted at border crossings so bring US dollars cash for any visa expenses at the border.

Border Crossings

Into Tanzania from Kenya: Namanga
From Tanzania into Malawi: Kasumulu